Your Philadelphia Brownstone Bathroom Remodel

brownstone bathroom remodel

Brownstones are a classic part of Philadelphia’s architecture, getting their name from their ruddy brown exteriors made of sandstone. These homes have a lot to offer in terms of history and charm, but their historic elegance often comes with a price. The tight spaces and aging architecture can make even the most rudimentary home update […]

Basement Remodeling Ideas: The Value of Unfinished Basements

Basement Remodeling Ideas

Basements often go unseen and underused, casually dismissed as ‘extra storage.’ But upgrading your basement gives you access not only to higher functionality, but better comfort, financial value, and square footage. Here are some basement remodeling ideas that can unlock the value of an unfinished basement. What is a Finished Basement? A finished basement takes […]

Five Remodeling Ideas for Maximizing Space

Five Remodeling Ideas for Maximizing Space

Living in a Philadelphia rowhome has its charms! But these narrow houses can leave you feeling cramped. We’ve got five remodeling ideas for maximizing space – for your family and your guests. Unleash Vertical Potential with an Outside Wall Trellis Philadelphia has some beautiful spring and summer weather, making outdoor living a big perk of […]

The Best Siding Materials for Pennsylvania Homes

best siding materials

In the diverse climate of Pennsylvania, choosing the best siding materials for your home is not just a matter of aesthetics; it’s about longevity, durability, and maintenance. With our experience and understanding of the area, we bring you an analysis of the best siding materials suited for Pennsylvania homes. According to Brittanica, Pennsylvania generally has […]

Remodeling Ideas for Rowhomes in Philadelphia

remodeling ideas for rowhomes

Philadelphia’s iconic rowhomes, known for their affordability and convenience, present unique challenges and opportunities for remodeling. With their narrow design, these homes call for innovative solutions to enhance their function and comfort while preserving their historic character​​. Here, we’re sharing some remodeling ideas for rowhomes in Philadelphia. Understanding Philadelphia Rowhomes First, they are compact or […]

Philadelphia Home Design Trends: 2024

Philadelphia Home Design Trends

Hey there, Philly homeowners! Are you ready to give your home a fresh, stylish makeover for 2024? With our city’s unique blend of historical charm and modern flair, we’re looking at Philadelphia home design trends that are some of the most exciting you may ever see. Let’s dive into what’s hot in Philly home interiors […]