Five Remodeling Ideas for Maximizing Space

Living in a Philadelphia rowhome has its charms! But these narrow houses can leave you feeling cramped. We’ve got five remodeling ideas for maximizing space – for your family and your guests.

Unleash Vertical Potential with an Outside Wall Trellis

Philadelphia has some beautiful spring and summer weather, making outdoor living a big perk of living here. But rowhomes don’t often have big yards, making renovations a challenge.

An outside wall trellis can be your answer to boosting your outdoor space and adding a touch of greenery. A trellis uses vertical space, building up instead of out. You can use climbing plants like vines, ivy, or even flowers, creating a visually stunning and space-saving garden.

Steps to consider:

  • Choose the right location: Pick an exterior wall that receives a lot of sunlight. Make sure there are no electrical wires or plumbing behind the chosen location.
  • Select your trellis material and style: Popular options include wood, metal, or vinyl. Choose a style that complements your home’s architecture.
  • Pick your climbers: Choose suitable climbing plants based on sunlight availability and the look you’re going for. Make sure to pay attention to proper drainage and follow all planting instructions.

Free Up Counter Space with a Pot-Filler Faucet

Rowhome Remodeling Ideas for Maximizing Space

Filling large pots on the counter can be a hassle in a small kitchen. A pot-filler faucet, installed directly above your stovetop, eliminates this inconvenience and frees up valuable counter space.

This space-saving addition allows you to easily fill large pots directly from the faucet, improving kitchen workflow and your overall cooking experience. They come in a lot of different styles, so make sure to pick the right one for you.

Steps to consider:

  • Plan your installation: Consult a plumber or contractor (we’re happy to help!) to figure out the feasibility of installing a pot-filler faucet in your kitchen. They’ll help find the best location based on your current plumbing situation.
  • Choose your faucet: Select a style and finish that complements your kitchen sink and faucet. Consider features like extendable arms for added reach and shutoff valves for convenience.
  • Installation: Leave the installation to a licensed contractor so you can be sure that your connection to the water line is safe and that your mounting is secure.

Maximize Storage in your Entryway

With a rowhome, you’re dealing with limited space. This often means your entryway can get a bit crowded. While the front door to your home is only just an entrance, it can serve a crucial role in creating that welcoming first impression you’re going to want.

Using smart storage solutions can maximize functionality, improve appeal, and offer some practical storage space for your guests.

Consider built-in benches with hidden compartments for shoes, bags, and other frequently used items. Additionally, installing wall-mounted shelves or hooks can provide additional storage for coats, hats, and other essentials.

Steps to consider:

  • Measure your space: Take precise measurements of your entryway to determine the available space for storage solutions. Be patient and thorough – measurements affect all your future work.
  • Choose your storage type: Consider built-in benches, floating shelves, or wall hooks depending on your needs and available space.

Define Your Outdoor Space with Brick or Limestone Pathways

Rowhomes have limited yard space. Using paths to define separate areas can enhance functionality by putting everything in its right place. They can also pump up your curb appeal with a nice and tidy yard.

You can install your pathway or define your section with materials like brick or limestone. These durable materials are low maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about a constant hassle.

Steps to consider:

  • Design your pathway: Sketch the desired path layout, considering access points and desired destinations within your yard.
  • Consider the base: Do you want gravel as a base? Perhaps adding stone blocks is more your style. Whatever you choose, remember to think about proper drainage and stability during bad weather.

Open Up Your Space with Interior Window Doors

Sometimes adding space is more a matter of perception. Thankfully, there are remodeling options for perception, too.

While not directly adding physical space, replacing traditional doors with window doors can create an open and airy feel. The extra visibility lets more natural light flow into your space, enhancing its light appeal.

Steps to consider:

  • Door placement: Consider replacing doors between living areas, kitchens, or other high traffic areas. Install them in functional spaces like pantries, too, to make finding things less of a chore.
  • Consider sliding doors: Window doors come in several varieties, so take your time in choosing the style for you. Consider sliding doors instead of ones that simply open. These can save on actual space by hugging the wall instead of opening into the room.

Living in a Philadelphia rowhome presents unique challenges, but also opportunities for creative solutions. Use remodeling to make your home feel truly yours. Remember, even small rowhome remodeling ideas can have a big impact on maximizing space.

To get your thinking started, check out our social media and see what other rowhome owners have done to improve their narrow space.

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