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Are you ready for a door replacement? Is your home’s front door so worn out that a simple paint job is not enough to revive it? Perhaps you have one or more damaged doors inside your home. Did someone forget to ensure the garage door was fully open before backing out the car? Whatever your need or situation, our fully licensed, insured, and trained contractors will get the job done right the first time.

Door replacement is not something amateurs can do. Precise measurements need to be obtained so that the door can be installed with absolutely no gaps. This is critical to ensuring there are no drafts so that your home energy bill doesn’t skyrocket. Existing drafts are one reason that many Philadelphia area residents have us replace their doors in the first place.

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We’ve got the experience you want in a door installation contractor. Whether you have one door installed or are replacing many of them in a comprehensive home remodel, we’ll get them in correctly and promptly. Our team has installed over 20,000 doors in Philadelphia area homes. When you hire us, we can:

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Why Use American Home Concepts for Door Installation and Replacement?

As the founders of American Home Concepts, Jonathan Calloway and Richard Schindler bring over 60 years of combined experience to every one of their home remodeling projects. When hiring them for your door installation or replacement work, you’ll know you have experts on your side who have tackled innumerable jobs just like this before. Beyond this peace of mind, they also bring the following benefits to every project.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Goal

We listen to your needs and concerns to help us get your installation or replacement done to your specifications. We also make sure our work stands the test of time.

On Time and Within Your Budget

Philadelphia area homeowners know that we deliver value for all of their home improvement needs. We've been accomplishing this for over three decades! We get your project completed promptly and within your stated budget.

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We appreciate your trust in us to handle your door installation needs. You should know, also, that we are adept at all aspects of home remodeling work. We have the knowledge, training, and experience to excel at all of the services listed below. Whether it’s bringing you the kitchen of your dreams or redoing a bathroom, we’re your Philadelphia home remodeling solution.

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